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Border Collies
Debbie Tessler
Oregon, IL
About Border Collies
The Border Collie is a very versatile breed and
has an outstanding willingness to please. They
are rated the most intelligent of all breeds.  
They are quick learners and make excellent
companions.    They are a long lived breed
many times living up to 15 years .

Border Collies have two coat types.  Smooth
(short), and rough (long).  The colors found
are black and white, chocolate and white, red
and white, tan, tri , and blue and red merle.

The Border Collie is bred for brains as well as
beauty. They excel in everything they do from,
competing in dog events, to being a companion
and best friend.   
Colt was my first Border
Collie.  He was my finest,
most intelligent dog I have
ever owned.  He is the
foundation of my love for
Border Collies.  He will
always be loved,
remembered and greatly
missed.  My life will never
be the same without him.
Kandu Border Collies
Can Do It All!
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